Friday, August 29, 2003

announcing reXume from PolyGlot, Inc....

I've finally gotten around to making my interactive resume available to others and I grabbed a couple of domain names to lock in the product/open-source-project (haven't decided which yet) name: "reXume" (pronounced "resume" following a trend to replace 's' with 'x' in names and to be a reference to the XML nature of the product).

So, peruse or and see the one and only page so far. It lets one upload one's resume in my reXume XML format, and then it returns it back to you all pretty formatted and filtered a la my interactive resume.

Somebody in Hong Kong already has but they haven't even hooked up a "parked" web page for it. I grabbed the name because a google search showed virtually zero hits for it which makes it a great brand name.

I'll add documentation soon, but for now, try uploading my rexume file to experiment with.

BTW, I got the domain names including free forwarding from goDaddy for ~$8/yr per name.