Monday, December 9, 2013

reXume and GanttMagic moved to new server after 10 years

UPDATE: Nov, 2017 - Domain name is back! There is a new web site hosting the new mobile-friendly, interactive resume publishing tools at !
The legacy reXume WAR files mentioned below are now in 
leaving to host my personal resume, being an example of how the brand new tools can be used for embedded interactive resumes.

UPDATE: May, 2015 - Elvis has left the bldg...moved server from San Fran w/fixed IP to a (gag) Comcast-only city; so, no fixed IP, and no dyndns. Going to retire the domain name now.

UPDATE: May, 2014 - dyndns has dropped their free service after over a decade, and so I've had to change the domain name for the services URL above from to

My ancient legacy interactive resume server is finally dying...(awwww)... after almost 15 years running its little circa-1998 dual 350MHz Pentium 2 processors, dual-booting to Windows 95 (YES 95!) and RedHat 5.5, with JRun 3 (j2ee server), Netscape 4 browser, etc, etc... alas, its disk drive is faltering.  I have been forced to do the archeology required to find the missing java source files (ah, there they were...over in the legacy JBuilder IDE files in the old Win95 drives backup!).  I've also been forced to figure out how get them building/deploying/running on a decade newer technologies: Tomcat 7, Java 6, Eclipse Juno IDE, Mac OSX Lion Server.

As it turns out, the only changes needed were:
1. figuring out how to replace the old beta Batik jar file with the myriad separate jar files Batik publishes now (including the one they left out),
2. figuring out that a magic password is needed now to share webapp contexts,
3. figuring out all the changes in Eclipse to build config/properties since I last attempted this in 2010.

So, the new server setup adds port 8080 to the all the old URLs (and changes the domain name),
( e.g. )
and the two WAR files can now be found at:  and

To keep installation simple, the .war files contain embedded copies of any required non-typical jar files (e.g. all the Batik jar files). Also, my .war and .jar files contain their java source files this time (lest I lose them again).